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Choosing The Best Blackhead Remover

Blackhead ExtractorFinding the best blackhead remover for your skin takes patience and practice.  Blackheads are caused by the build up of oil on the surface of the skin, which partially clogs your pores trapping dirt and excess skin cells in the pore.  The best blackhead remover will reduce the number of blackheads on your face in two ways.  First, it will control the built up oil on your face reducing the number of blackheads that appear in the future.  Once you get control of your face and implement a proper skin care regimen, you will notice you have fewer and fewer blackheads you need to remove.  However in the meantime, there are a number of products, tools, and creams available to remove the blackheads you have quickly and easily.

The best blackhead remover will not only remove the blackheads you currently have, but will also prevent future outbreaks. Since we want to have clear and beautiful looking skin we may need to use two different blackhead removers to achieve these results.

Best Blackhead Remover Tools

Blackhead remover tools, sometimes called blackhead extractors are a widely accepted way of removing blackheads with immediate results.  Although “popping” blackheads with your fingers is never safe because you can cause damage and scarring, blackhead remover tools are less risky.  The reason you should never pop a pimple with your fingers is that the uneven pressure can damage the under layers of your skin.  The best blackhead remover tools apply a perfectly even circular pressure which forces the blackout out from the center pore.  Removing a blackhead with a comedone(blackhead) extractor is a great solution if you have an important meeting, date, or party to attend and want to look your best. Some of the bestselling blackhead remover tools include:

  • Revlon Stainless Steel Blackhead Remover - Revlon makes a very high quality blackhead remover which has two sides with different sized micro hoops.  One is made for removing blackheads, the other for whiteheads.  It has a very comfortable grip and it’s stainless steel construction makes it easy to sanitize before and after use.
  • Body Toolz Double Loop Facial Skin Care Tool - Our favorite blackhead remover is the double loop skin care tool made by Body Toolz.  It’s ridged handle provides superior control pressing out blackheads, or rolling out whiteheads.  And, it is small and compact enough to fit in your purse or car for quick and easy beautification.

The Best Blackhead Remover Cleansers

The best blackhead removers are ones that keep your blackheads from coming back.  The only way to ensure you have healthy and blackhead free skin is to adopt a daily skin care program that is formulated for your skin type.  (Click for more information about determining your skin type)  Most likely if you suffer from blackheads, you have an oily skin type which should be treated in three ways.  First, you should begin washing your face with a cleanser made for oily skin two to three times per day.  Do not wash your face more than three times per day.  Secondly, make sure you use an oil free moisturizer to keep your skin from over producing oil.  Finally make sure you use a toner and exfoliate your skin regularly to keep pores tight and the surface of your skin free of dead skin cells, which clog pores and form blackheads.

Finding the best blackhead remover is a matter of trial and error.  Your best blackhead remover is not necessarily the same as someone who has very similar skin, so follow the guidelines above until you find a combination of cleansers, and tools that work for you.

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